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Vijay Jyoti Academy

The Vijay Jyoti Academy, an english medium higher secondary school is run by the Vijay Jyoti Educational & Welfare Society (India). Renowned for its academic excellence, Vijay Jyoti Academy was founded back in 2000.
Needless to quote the parent’s satisfaction & appreciation with regards to discipline & quality education rendered by this upcoming school. The dedicated teaching staff leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the student must understand his/her subject. Education to the children is important based on Indian culture, traditional values, spiritual belief & morality. The motivated teaching staff takes personal care to improve qualitative magnitude & all-round development of the children in this school. Discipline must be based on example and self-control because we are involved not in the control of the masses but in individual development for the leadership quality of every student.
In an age when leisure is recognized as essential for development, its good use is an indication of a good education. The sporting activity encourages the pursuit of ‘Excellence’ but never at the cost of teamwork. Academic performance is paramount but equally important is the development of the intellect and well-honed skills of communication. We would desire that our student enter through ‘Gyan Dwar’ (threshold of knowledge) and leave through ‘Shakti Dwar’ with an enquiring mind a sense of social and moral values, a sense of service and compassion for those fortunate, a respect for nature, tolerance, a sense of humor and the attributes to become good citizens of India and the world.
The founding members of this school are solemnly inspired by pious & missionary zeal. We are teamed up with patriotic gusto and committed to working towards nation building by rendering education very genuinely to the young buds of the new era.

Our Mission

We believe knowledge is power and the purpose of education is not only to provide facts but also values. Like always said, information is liberating, education is the premise of progress, in every society and in every family.

Our Values

Our aim is to be among one of the top institutions for students who will serve the nation and contribute back to the society.

Director's Message

Dear Students,

A hearty welcome to all of you.
Let me begin by telling you,“We believe in you” and “We believe in your dreams”. The world is a tough place where one cannot be easily understood but in Vijay Jyoti Academy, we believe in helping you to amplify your voice and achieve your larger dreams and aspirations. For those of you,who know what you want to accomplish, we help you polish your dream into a vision and for those of you who have just begun, we help you build a better foundation.At either point, we are always there for you. At Vijay Jyoti Academy, we are committed to providing students a holistic approach with a positive environment. We teach you the concept so that you create your own algorithm. We leave you to explore only to come with an idea that we help you to communicate to the world. Despite the fact that one day you might turn into an engineer, doctor, teacher or scientist. You will still be an achiever, believer, leader, and a truth seeker because values and morals into our everyday curriculum will keep you on the grounds while you are still flying high. So my children we are here to support you.

Dilip Sirwal
(Retd) Indian Navy

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